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 the Star of Bethlehem.

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Is the star of Bethlehem real or merely a story?
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Experience God's amazing detail in orchestrating the universe
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Below is a fascinating story of God's first coming - and potentially His 2nd coming - to this earth as told "in the heavens". Take the time to reflect on what you are seeing.

Get curious and ask yourself what is so special about these pictures.
What are the commonalities? What are the differences? What are the probabilities?
What are the odds these events could happen in relation to human events and dates?

Note: Jupiter has a 12-yr obit so only comes around the Leo constellation about once every 12 years.

 9/11/3 BC - conception

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 9/11/3 BC - Feast of Trumpets/Virgo and Jupiter in Leo(possibly Jesus' conception)
Read Rev. 12:1 about the woman clothed with the sun, the moon at her feet, and a crown of 12 stars.  According to Rick Larson of The Star of Bethlehem, 9/11/3 BC could be the possible conception date of Jesus, because look what happens 9 months later on 6/17/2 BC.  This happened on The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah). Notice the moon at Virgo's feet, the crown of 9 stars in Leo + 3 planets (Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter), and King planet Jupiter joined with King star Regulus in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah).  The sun is bathing virgin Virgo in a glow of light.
(9/11/3 BC to 6/17/2 BC = 268 days = the average gestation period)
 6/17/2 BC - birth  6/17/2 BC - Venus and Jupiter Join in Leo Together
(possibly Jesus' birth)

9 months after 9/11/3 BC you can see the largest King planet Jupiter, near King star Regulus, in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah), and joined with Venus the brightest and mother planet to form the brightest "star" anyone has ever seen nor will ever see again.  The Magi may have seen this "star" at Jesus' possible birth and followed Jupiter as it moved and to stop in retrogradation over Bethlehem on 12/25/2 BC where they would have found Him as a 6-month old infant.
 12/25/2 BC - magi visit  12/25/2 BC - Jupiter Rests in the Arm of Virgo
(possibly Jesus' Magi visit)
6 months after the 6/17/2 BC joining of King planet Jupiter with mother planet Venus, Jupiter has moved to retrograde and stop over Bethlehem and "rest" in the arm of the
irgin Virgo. It is believed this could have been the date the Magi (wisemen) visited
 6-month-old infant Jesus with His virgin mother, Mary, in Bethlehem and presented Him
with gifts (gold for a king, frankincense for a priest, and myrrh for a death).

 The Day Jesus Died


  4/3/33 - The Day Jesus Died - "In the Ram"
Jesus, our sacrificial lamb, was nailed to the cross
around 9:00 am in the morning and died around 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon of Passover 4/3/33. (video video).
An eclipse appeared that day in the constellation Aries, the ram (a male lamb).

Consider these Stellarium software screenshots showing the "world" eclipsing the "sun" looking from the moon to the earth.  The moon is at constellation Virgo's feet looking at Aries.

Looking from Jerusalem, the moon went into lunar eclipse.  This was one of 4 lunar eclipses all in a row where each fell on a Biblical feast day. (4/14/32 Passover, & 10/7/32 Tabernacles, 4/3/33 Passover & 9/27/33 Tabernacles).
 6/30/2015 - Jupiter with Venus  Whether anything happens in 2015 or not, the symbolism and commonalities with 3-2 BC here in these next screenshots are incredible and beyond coincidence.

6/30/2015 Venus and Jupiter Together near Leo
Though not nearly as close nor as bright as 6/17/2 BC, Jupiter and Venus will appear stacked together like
6/17/2 BC again, not in, but near Leo on 6/30/2015.
 9-13-2015  9/13/2015 - Feast of Trumpets - Virgo and Jupiter is in Leo
9/11/3 BC, Rev. 12: 1 Virgo clothed with the sun, moon at her feet, 9 Leo stars + 3 planets for a crown, possible conception date of Jesus on the Feast of Trumpets
9/29/2011, Rev. 12: 1 Virgo clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet on the Feast of Trumpets
9/13/2015, Virgo is now clothed with the sun and moon joined together at Virgo's head on the Feast of Trumpets led by King planet Jupiter near King star Regulus in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah) (some believe the moon is representative of the Church and the sun of Christ) - Does this picture Jesus calling His people to Himself.
 9/13/2015 - partial solar eclipse  9/13/2015 - Feast of Trumpets - solar eclipse
partial solar eclipse - separating light from darkness
maximum eclipse position is at the 11th hour - 
Matt. 20:1-16
occurs on Sunday - Jesus rose on the first day of the week
falls on the 
Feast of Trumpets
see Virgo and Jupiter in Leo screenshot with same 9/13/2015 date (also note links above)

For an interesting look at the total solar eclipse of 3/20/2015 and the total lunar eclipse of 4/4/2015, and their relationship to Virgo and Pisces the fish, see:

To see my video of the Bethlehem Story in motion using Stellarium software,
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* note: BC dates on screenshots are off one year since there is no "0" year between BC and AD

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