The Star of Bethlehem - The Rest of the Story


So what is the purpose and value to all this? 

To see that in the beginning God created the universe with precise design and purpose - not by gradual macro evolution that happened by chance,

To see how Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior walked this earth as both fully human and fully God, and to understand that He determined from the beginning of creation the whole course of human events and His first and second comings,

To encourage all of us to desire to please God through faith in Him alone, 
what He has done, and what He will do,

To nourish our relationship with a Heavenly Father God who loves us more than we will ever know this side of eternity, BUT also

To warn us that Jesus will come a second time - not as a cute little baby, but as the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords - to bring about righteousness according to
His standards and not ours. 

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